Ipheion "Rolf Fiedler"

Diana Chapman rarebulbs@earthlink.net
Mon, 20 Jan 2003 19:01:02 PST
Well, gosh ... thanks, Robert!!!

I can just imagine the Oscar awards for plants ... the recipients going up to the podium in dirty overalls, with broken stained fingernails, hair with bits of plant debris in it!

 At least, that's what I look like most of the time.

 Personally, instead of an Oscar, I'd rather be given a nice mature Paramongaia or something similar.

The 2003 catalogue won't be out until April. I have just started working on it now, but until about March I can't make some final decisions about what to list.

 Since the subject has come up, if anyone would like to be put on the list to receive one, please e-mail me privately. If you received one last year or the year before, you will automatically get one.

Who knows? Maybe I'll even get a web site going (it has been promised for the last two years).

Diana Chapman
Telos Rare Bulbs

P.S.   Ipheion sp. "Rolf Fiedler" has been called I. peregrinans by some, but I don't know if that is correct. If Alberto Castillo is reading these postings, I am sure he will have something to say.

--- diana chapman
--- rarebulbs@earthlink.net

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