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Hamish Sloan hamish.sloan@virgen.net
Fri, 10 Jan 2003 11:57:51 PST
Hello Dash,

You enquired:

May I ask if the Hymenocallis xFestalis is called Ismene 'Festalis'? It appears to have 2 different names on two different forum lists. Or are they 2 different plants? Please excuse my confusion.

They are the same. Both Ismene and Elisena were classified once upon a time as separate from Hymenocallis, largely on the basis of differences in flower form. But "the botanists decided" that these differences did not constitute sufficient difference to warrant putting them into a separate genus. Probably best treated as subgenera of hymenocallis if you are a "splitter" rather than a "lumper".

The corona in Hymenocallis and Ismene is erect, in Elisena it is sharply bent. The free parts of the filaments are erect or hang outwards in Hymenocallis and Elisena, in Ismene they are incurved.

Not much different! In this respect, I'm a lumper.

Regards Hamish

PS  Just seen Jim's reply. Take your pick!

...and Rob said:

I had  noticed  my  narcissiflora  (from you Dash) has the  collar around the  leaves at  ground  level, described by Alberto as indicating the difference  between Ismene and  Hymenocallis.

... which I haven't noticed as yet.

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