Topics for January

Mary Sue Ittner
Sun, 05 Jan 2003 12:01:16 PST
Dear All,

I would like to announce the topics I have selected from the suggestions you sent me for this month. I'd like to remind you all that we can discuss other subjects besides the topic of the week during the week and if you have thought of new topics to be added to my list please feel free to write me and tell me what they are. Two of the topics this month were the only suggestions by the people requesting them and I am trying to discuss at least one of the suggestions each person sends me.

One of the topics this month is currently a topic on the IBSMEMBERS list. I have given this a few hours of thought this morning since I downloaded the message. Someone previously had hoped we would not duplicate topics. The IBSMEMBERS list is not an open list and there are quite a few people on our list who are not on that list although many are on both. I had already gotten a commitment for an introduction for this topic which was requested by one of our members without knowing it would be discussed on the other list. So I am going to go ahead with it. Those people who are interested in this topic and are on both lists should have all their questions answered by both discussions and just consider this is a bonus instead of a competition. Those who are on just one list at least won't be left out. And those who are not interested can just delete the messages without opening them.

Upcoming topics for January are: 
 Bulbs for the Pacific Northwest (elaboration when discussed)
 Best bulbs for shade

Mary Sue

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