Ipheion including 'Rolf Fiedler'

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Fri, 24 Jan 2003 08:18:01 PST
Dear all;
	Before discussing Ipheion, I'll obey 'she who must be obeyed' with a short introduction. I tried to stay away from this list after the IBS list 'exploded' - just too many lists. Mary Sue and Cathy urged me to join up, but I have lurked for a while. Some of you may recognize my name from the previous list, but for others I am varied gardener with broad plant interests. Oddly Pacific Bulbs are not so high on my list because of my climate and I TRY hard to not grow tender bulbs, but I admit to weakness in growing lots of other stuff- lots of hardy bulbs, iris (especially Asian species), hardy herbaceous and woody plants of all sorts with a current emphasis on Paeonia, Canna, bamboo and more.

	Regarding Ipheion - I tentatively tried some 'Wisley Blue' years ago and found they survived Zone 5 very well. I added all uniflorum cvs (including the marvelous 'Aberto Castillo' -the best) and 'Rolf Fiedler'. All succeed outdoors in the ground with few problems. The other night's -8 they were almost totally emerged and covered in a few inches of snow. I expect no damage.

	Ipheion emerge in late fall/early winter and stay close to the ground through all of winter usually with little or no snow cover. They all bloom over the same general period in Spring. My favorites are 'Alerto Castillo', and 'Froyle Mill' (deep blue). ''Rolf Fiedler' does grow oddly and this was discussed ad nauseum on the departed IBS list. I agree it is probably a species other than uniflorum and hope Alberto will provide a formal description. 	It seems somewhat less hardy based on the odd discoloration of blooms. They should be a medium purple, but after a cold period the flowers bloom with pale or white blotches seemingly just plain 'cold damage'. Foliage isn't hurt, but the plant is a weaker grower.

	I have most in full sun and they experience regular drought. I never get seed or seedlings. I suspect my extreme climate must harden off growth and improve hardiness compared to growers in milder climates.

	I wouldn't be without them and would be glad to hear if there are any more new cvs ( I have 'Charolette Bishop' too, but am not fond of the odd pink color). 

	Exposed at last		Jim W.
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