Seed germination

Marguerite English
Thu, 23 Jan 2003 17:21:13 PST
I've had some of these, also.   I have several 4 inch pots that germinated in 2001, then didn't show any growth (or I missed it) thereafter.  I barely bothered to water them last summer; they were outside in the shade.   I've been dumping some of those into my raised beds to give them a final chance, and keeping the label with them.  I have found tiny bulblets in 3 of those pots, and one Romulea had started showing a green shoot.  They are amazing little critters.

At 09:25 PM 1/23/2003 -0800, Jane wrote:
>Reagrding Diana Chapman's and John Lonsdale's observations of seed
>germinating a year later than other seeds in the pot: I have often seen
>this, and so when I pot up my seedling bulbs to put in the bulb frame, I
>dump the rest of the seedpot soil on top of them in case there is any
>viable seed left over,
>Jane McGary

Marguerite - Gardening with bulbs and perennials at 3700 feet in the 
mountains of southern California.    Extreme temperatures in our 
Mediterranean climate from 0 to 110 degrees F.   Average temperatures 15 to 
90 degrees F.  A few days of snow in winter and a few days of extreme heat 
in Aug-Sept.  Drought conditions seem to be changing to an 'El Nino' 
year.   (I think that's long-hand for USDA zone 7B.)

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