HELP! Eremurus

Ken K
Sat, 25 Jan 2003 13:07:58 PST

The grit sounds like a very good idea, but I'm afraid that I can't
offer more help than that. I have tried Eremurus a half dozen times
over the years, and never had one sprout emerge from the soil. From
the growing zone maps I have seen, and everything I have read,
Eremurus require a considerably cooler climate than I can offer them.
BAsically, the most favorable growing areas in the USA were
'heartland', and only the most northern coastal areas were shown to be
hospitable. I think you're a few degrees milder than here, so you may
have similar results. I can't grow herbaceous Peony here either.

One thing that I found to be discouraging was the fact that the roots
on my plants were in pretty bad shape (either desiccated or broken)
when received them. I was more than a little disappointed to find them
in that condition, particularly when all of the gardening advice in
print offers stringent warnings about the handling of their brittle,
fleshy roots. Some of the species that you listed are reputed to be
more tolerant of mild climates, so you may have better luck than I

East S.F. Bay Area, Ca.
USDA Zone 9 (mediterranean)
-2°C to 38°C

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