Phycella or R.........

Cathy Craig
Thu, 02 Jan 2003 21:24:37 PST
Hi Jim,

I never heard of these. In John Bryan's Bulb book (not the newest one) it says: Phycella. Amaryllid. 7 sp of bulbous herbs. description matches the photo down to the hollow stems (stems in photo look hollow to me). From South America. Hardy to Zone 9. Lists 2 species: P. bicolor (Chile) and P. phycelloides (Chilean Andes). No mention of the flower colors however.

Not very likely they are hybrids, imo. Probably some selection of one of the species. Who'd be hybridizing something this unusual? Perhaps John Bryan and Alberto Castillo will weigh in on this.

I grow some Rhodophialas (R's are from Chile, Argentina, Uraguay, [A to Z]. So far in pots only. Cute things and not anywhere near as picky about culture as hipps. Not open very wide, and if they come in any color other than red, I am not aware of it.

You'd likely have to grow them indoors in the winter, Jim.

Cathy Craig President PBS Maritime zone 9b 

> Dear all;
> 	I took another look at:
> and what little I could find and think the mix of colors indicates
> Rhodophialia is more likely, but having grown neither, I am still
> seeking suggestions.
Jim also wrote:

Just got the spring catalog from Dutch Gardens and noticed a
>picture of mixed 'hybrid' Phycella. Can't say that I know much about
>this genus. Are they growable or difficult. Are these really hybrids
>or just species and selections. Appreciate any experience with them.

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