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DrR Hamilton
Mon, 06 Jan 2003 15:52:28 PST
Hi  all,

Its a  perfect  summers day  here in Tasmania -  still, clear and warm . 23C at  9am  on its  way  to  28C. One of those  mornings where you  find extra  energy . So before  heading off to  work  I  have  outpotted  half a dozen bulb  varieties  this  morning and  found them  new (and hopefully better)  homes  in my new  bulb bed  contructed  in late  spring .

Aussie bulb  society  members  have  had the  advantage  of  reading  Mary Sue's  wonderful coverage of  Triteleia in  our  last  quarterly  bulletin. It  has  certainly increased my enthusiasm  for the  genus  and I  have been getting  and  requesting  seed from the  various  exchanges since then. I  have  even  been able  to  order a  bulb  of T ixiodes  splendens  from a local  supplier so  will hopefully  be able  to sort out its true name  from Mary Sue's information.

I  have  grown  Triteleia  lemmonae  for  a  number  of  years from  seed obtained  from  SW Native  Seeds in Tucson  and  latterly T  hendersonii from  Archibald  seed. I  have to  admit  the   were  both  add on's  to seed orders because I  like  yellow  flowers, not  because I knew  much about them. The  lemmonae  has flowered  regularly despite  being grown in a small pot  which beomes  completely  dry  and  hot over  our  summer. Hendersonii  is    3  years  from  sowing so  perhaps  will produce  flowers next  spring. I  have  resolved to  plant  some in the garden where they will not  dry out  so  much  over  summer and  perhaps therefore perform  a little better. 



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Tasmania, Australia
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Temperature extremes -2 C  ,  38 C. (Very occasionally)

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