John Bryan
Mon, 27 Jan 2003 07:51:18 PST
Dear All:
For the first time, raccoons have decided that my bulbs in containers
are good eating. I was surprised to find that in two sessions they
uprooted many species, leaving some several feet from the containers. I
used a potting soil with a lot of organic matter and wonder if this
contributed to the attractiveness of the containers and that bulbs were
there was a secondary attraction. Could it be the raccoons could small
the bulbs? I doubt this as they were, in the majority of cases, well
below the surface. Has anyone found soil mixes high in organic matter
attracts such beasts? Despite good rains, they have been drinking from
my pool, as they have done in years past, but not attacked containers
before. I assume it is the soil mix as bulbs in their 2nd or 3 year in
different soil mixes were left alone. Cheers, John E. Bryan

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