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Cathy Craig
Sat, 25 Jan 2003 14:55:43 PST
RE: HELP! EremurusI wonder what the weather in Afghanistan is like in
winter? Is it like the center of the US? I just heard that the average day
time temp in Iraq two or three months from now is 115 F! Seems like that
robin from Pakistan said there are parts where they get snow in winter.

So, Diane, you think it's the lack of cold?
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  Every time I open Phillips and Rix' Bulbs, I look at the pictures of
Eremurus olgae in the Elburz Mountains,and stenophyllus in the Hindu Kush,
and wish I could visit the areas at bloom time.  Since the country in
question is Afghanistan, I no longer have a desire to actually do this, but
I'm glad the photographer, Christopher Grey-Wilson, went.

  The pictures let me know how hopeless trying to grow them is for me.  Look
at them - blue sky all the way to the horizon, not a bush in sight, let
alone a tree.
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