Images for our list--Using the wiki

Mary Sue Ittner
Thu, 30 Jan 2003 09:56:05 PST
Dear All,

I am changing this subject in case people are looking at wiki wiki and not 
realizing what we are talking about.

The wiki is a place where anyone who wants can upload an image to put it on 
the web. When you do this, you are given a url that tells you where this 
image is stored. If you want that image to be kept on the Pacific Bulb 
Society wiki page as a wikilink you will need to paste the url there and 
hopefully write above the url what it is and who took the picture. It is 
very easy to do this. All you have to do is to click on edit and write in 
your text. I have included very clear instructions in… on our 
page. It seems to have gotten relocated but you can access it above. Don't 
be intimidated. We are all learning. If you want me to write you the 
instructions personally if you can't figure out how to print them from our 
page let me know.

If you want members of this group to have the opportunity to look at your 
image, then you need to write the list and tell us about your image and 
include the url so that everyone can click on it and look at it WITHOUT 

There is no reason why the person who uploads this image could not send 
this url to the Great Lakes Group or the Australian Group or to Alpine-L or 
their grandmother or anyone else they want to see it.

We in the Pacific Bulb Society are happy to have anyone who wants to join 
our list join and we believe in sharing our information and resources. 
There is no charge for this. If you want our newsletter that Marguerite and 
her team are doing four times a year, to participate in our BX-SX, to get 
our membership list, or just feel you want to support us in our efforts to 
do this, please join PBS. The cost is $20 a year for US members and $25 for 
everyone else.

Thank you Sheila Burrow for being the first 
person besides me to try this out and putting your wonderful pictures as a 
wikilink on our page. I hope to see more of them. I suggest that everyone 
who has not seen Sheila's images listed below to click on them. You will 
not be disappointed.……

Now please, Mary Wise, Paul Tyerman, Arnold Trachtenberg, Doug Westfall, 
Lyn Edwards, Rob Hamilton, Jim Shields, John Lonsdale, and all you others 
out there with glorious images, consider sharing one of your jewels and 
trying this out. Bill Dijk, I expect to see you post links for those great 
Brunsvigia pictures you showed for the topic of the week that those people 
who were not part of the images lists didn't get to see.

And if they do this, please everyone else write them PRIVATELY and tell 
them how much you enjoyed seeing their image.

I have written how to upload images on our information page which you have 
the opportunity to access on every email since it is on the top.

Mary Sue

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