Ismene amencaes

Kevin D. Preuss
Mon, 20 Jan 2003 06:12:07 PST
The cool winter has induced Ismene amencaes to bloom here for me (for the first time). I am fortunate to have Hymenocallis tubiflora in bloom as well.

Has anybody attempted or had success self pollinating (pollen from same plant) Ismene amencaes?Of course, I could not resist putiing some Ismene amencaes pollen onthe hymenocallis tubiflora flowers.

Imagine a broad leaf/petioled, evergreen yellow spider lily that could bloom multiple times per season, as H. tubiflora can under ideal conditions!

I have some pollen of Ismene amencaes if anybody has a plant of that species ready to flower and I'd be glad to pass it on.

Thanks for any input

Kevin D. Preuss

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