Cathy Craig
Sat, 25 Jan 2003 20:03:55 PST
Thank you Peter. I did a Google search and come up with this: The Shelford
Hybrids are E x isabellinus and also 'Cleopatra' and so is 'Pinokkio' and
there is apparently also a 'Romance' and one called 'Oase'. I will continue
to read the Google references.

Knowing this will help me a lot. I buy most of my cold hardy bulbs from
Scheepers and they have one or another of these. In future, I will stick to
these and see if I can get some to grow for me here. We are in zone 9b -
it's not that far from 8, but as Dave pointed out, it very rarely gets below
about 40F here. I see Scheepers also lists E. ruiter hybrids (small 'r'). I
wonder what these are?

Cathy Craig President PBS
Maritime zone 9b
  There is a series of hybrids, E x isabellinus,  from E.olgae x
E.stenophyllus which I am finding reliable growers here, and come in a good
range of colours. I have also seen them growing in large clumps in borders.
My weather conditions are not too different from yours except the
temperature range is shifted downwards and probably with more rain. In fact
our conditions are far removed from those of Afghanistan. Light or well
drained soil is probably the most important factor and avoid damaging the
large overwintering buds which are at surface level
  S.E. England Zone 8 Coastal Plain
  natales grate numeras

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