Off Topic: Exotic Garden Designs

Tue, 28 Jan 2003 15:58:18 PST
I have some questions for those of you on this list. Please reply
privately to
Concerning an upcoming manuscript please let me know how interested on a
scale of 1 (low)to 5 (would definitely buy) that you would be in the
following subjects:
Linnaeus Floral Clock This chapter will take a look at our first garden
the Linnaeus Floral Clock. This clock is made up of flowers that open up
during each hour and has been used as a working clock.
Jurassic Gardens This chapter will find us exploring an outdoor Jurassic
garden planted only with plants similar to what would have lived then,
i.e. no angiosperms, but gingkos. dawn redwoods, other conifers, cycads,
horsetails, ferns, mosses, etc. plus perhaps reconstructions of
now-extinct plants that lived in the Jurassic.
Night Blooming Gardens This chapter will focus on plants that belong in
a Night Blooming Garden. These fascinating gardens come to life after
dark and the activity in them continue on until dawn.
Parasitic Plants This chapter will explore various displays of Parasitic
Plants. Although these plants do suck the life out of their host plant
they are fascinating and unique in their own right.
Aroid Gardens This chapter will take a closer look at Aroid Gardens,
especially those whose main plants consist of Amorphophallus.
Unique Edible Gardens The focus of this chapter will be on the Unique
Edible Garden. Did you know that a certain fruit tree blooms at
midnight? This will include edible plants that either have a unique
bloom or other unusual characteristic.
Fragrant Gardens Chapter eight will find us focusing on various Fragrant
Gardens. From a chocolate garden to a vanilla garden or even a pineapple
garden, people can find numerous plants that emit a specific smell and
often this is the focus of their gardens.
Gothic Gardens From black plants, to black and red themes or even
unusual garden decorations, the Gothic Garden is one that should not be
left out.
Collection Gardens From old children's toys to various household items
many people make up a garden that proves you can be creative and turn
trash into a garden full of treasures.
Antique Gardens Rather they choose to accent their garden or simply use
heirloom plants, this is another unique garden idea that needs to be
mentioned in a book on Unique Gardens.
Please feel free to make any comments, tell me what else you would like
to see, do you know where an example of one of these gardens is?
Thank you so much!

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