HELP! Eremurus

Diane Whitehead
Sat, 25 Jan 2003 15:18:53 PST
A Google search on "winter weather Afghanistan" gives lots of 
information. Here are bits from the first site:

  hot, dry summers as high as 120 degrees.

  Kabul, at 5,876 feet, can have  25 inches of snow on the ground in February.

Firewood is scarce because the country has been ravaged by deforestation.
  "People will walk for miles for bits of brush they can burn."

no mild sea breezes to ease sizzling summer heat or temper frigid 
winter cold. Towering mountains block most moisture - Only the 
country's eastern fringes experience summer monsoon winds carrying 
moist air off the Arabian Sea.

  mountains create windstorms, furnace-like gusts that blow from June 
to September. They sometimes carry enough grit to degrade and corrode 
lubricated joints on vehicles and other machines.

Normally, northern farmers would be planting major crops, including 
winter wheat and poppies immediately after the first October rains. 
Those rains have not come for 3 years. And there is no precipitation 
in the extended forecast.

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