Bill Dijk daffodil@wave.co.nz
Sun, 26 Jan 2003 03:06:19 PST
Dear Mary Sue, Lauw,

Sorry, for not replying to your last email sooner, had a few minor =
problems with my hard-drive this week, all fixed now.
Back to the subject of the plastic bags.
I find them easy to handle, they're strong and lightweight, last for =
years, UV treated, easy to handle, shift and store, they come in every =
imaginable size from 1 up to 90 PB, they are ideal (the 40 PB) for deep =
rooting large bulbs, which can be left for a number of years, a big =
advantage for the more temperamental species like e.g. Brunsvigia , that =
don't transplant well.
Than of course there is the price, they're relatively cheap, especially =
when you handle thousands of these plastic bags.
I use mainly the sizes 8-12-18-30 and 40.
PB of course stands for plastic bag, but the numbers, intriguingly go =
back to the now abolished imperial system when they measured everything =
in pints.
So a  PB 40 equals: 40 x 0.568 liter =3D 23 liters, or 40 x 1 pint =3D 5 =
gallons in volume.
The PB 40 when full, measures 30 cm (12 inch.) wide and 34 cm (13.5 =
inch.) deep.
Trust  that will explain and satisfy your queries.

Best wishes,

Bill D,

btw:///great/ excitement in our nursery, the Worsleya rayneri is flowering =
at the moment, will post a picture shortly.

Tauranga : mean annual rainfall :1250 mm.
Sunshine hours, mean annual  :  2350 hours.
Temp.mean max.Summer : 25=B0C.   winter:///15=B0C/.
Temp.mean min. Summer :14.5=B0C. Winter: 5=B0C.
Wet mild Winters with occasional light frost.

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