Images for our list--Using the wiki

Mary Sue Ittner
Fri, 31 Jan 2003 08:12:05 PST
Dear Lauw and All,

At 08:38 AM 1/31/03 +0100, you wrote:
>Once we have all loaded images into these page I  foresee a problem
>how to find our way around amongst hundres of URL. How can we find our
>way around or  find a particular species?

This is an excellent question. For now we are loading in the wikilinks 
alphabetically, but in time our wikipage will get very long if everyone 
discovers what a great system this is and posts their pictures so we will 
need to figure out ways to group them. Mark McDonough has offered to help 
me with this (yea!) but all ideas for how to do this are welcome. How about 
if you have any ideas about how to do this, writing both of us together 
Mark is and mine is

Several ideas as we brainstorm are to have a page for each genus (could be 
a problem if he posted pictures of all 850 species of Allium), or we could 
group plants by place of origin (California bulbs for example) and divide 
them further when that page got too long, or we could have a TOW page and 
put images there to accompany our discussions. We could have a wikipage for 
unknown bulbs. They could be moved once they were identified. We will 
definitely want to organize it and since we will have our own page now is 
the time to figure it out. We can always change it later, but that's extra 
work. Think about what seems to you the most logical and easy way to 
organize things and let us know. I will go ahead to take the steps to get 
our own wiki.

There is a bit of a learning curve on this at first, but then it seems 
really easy. You can practice what you are doing without anyone watching or 
anyone seeing your mistakes. You preview what you have done and if it isn't 
right, just go back and change it.

Mary Sue

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