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<< Daffodils grow well in the PNW (Pacific Northwest) but don't sell well 

because they are denizens of almost every farm hedgerow, pasture and urban 

garden.  The Dutch sell increasing thousands of the same clones each Fall, a 

fact that would indicate there is a market, perhaps for something different 

but at prices that can't be sustained if one wants to pay the mortgage.  

Oregon is also the preferred area (Willamette Valley ) for those who would 

hybridize and grow this genus for retail sale in niche businesses.  Those who 

want to collect Historic or Heirloom daffodils have a field day driving 

around in Spring and attending the annual daffodil show in Amity where there 

is a Children's Section that often has more flowers ( 900-1000+ ) in it than 

the entire rest of the show!  These kids pick something from Grandma's garden 

or the local fence row and enter them in the show; it's fun, but a judging 

headache!  Thus, I find it strange that Diana seems to have trouble with 



Wouldn't the above tend to contradict the assertion that the bulb fly is a 
serious problem in this region??

Or are the older varieties more resistant?

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