TOW--Bulbs for Pacific Northwest Gardens

Robin L. Hansen
Wed, 22 Jan 2003 20:59:42 PST
Tulipa batalinii, planted in a very sandy bed with full sun disappeared promptly, but species crocus and some small narcissus hybrids are doing just fine in the same area.

I'm about 2 1/2 miles due east of the Pacific ocean in southwestern Oregon, on old dune (well-aged sand, I suppose you could say) and what cyclamen I've planted under rhodies are doing well.  The brodiaeas have done very well, and Lilium davidii v. willmottiae has done wonderfully, but then I have a nice clump growing wild along the railroad tracks of L. columbianum - just down over the dunes from me.  Trillium ovatum is frequent in the woods and my patch on the north and sheltered side of the glass house sets great quantities of seed.

It does get reasonably warm here in the summer, as it's sheltered and out of the wind, mid-70's to mid-80's is not uncommon in July and August, with an average of 64" of rain a year.  Not this year, I think,as we're all wandering around sun-blasted  and praying for rain.  Highly unusual  to have so little rain.

Camas quamash and leichtlinii have done extremely well, but I haven't tried a lot of others yet, so I am anxious to read what others are growing.  As both Ernie and Jane indicate, we have a huge range of growing conditions. 
Robin Hansen in Zone 9 on the southwest Oregon Coast
not ready for sunblock yet

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