groups orders
Fri, 31 Jan 2003 15:48:11 PST
Hi everyone,

I've had a chance to correspond with many of you by this point because I've 
helped out with a couple of group orders.  The last two, the books and the 
peach Clivia seedlings, are just finishing up.  Those of you who ordered 
seedligns - watch your mail (unless you are on the freezing east coast and we 
have made other arrangements).

However, I am now project-less!  I am rather new to bulbs, and my garden is 
almost completely composed of seedlings.  So while I love buying seeds through 
the SX/BX, I don't yet have anything to contribute.  Organizing these group 
projects lets me contribute to the group in a different way - so let's get 
another one going!  Have you heard of anything you'd love to buy, but the costs 
of a phyto has held you back?  Some South African seeds from Rod and Rachel, 
some bulbs from our Aussie friends?  Let's order together!  If there's 
something you'd all like to order as a group, I'm volunteering.  Email me 
PRIVATELY at or with your 

Jennifer Hildebrand
Riverside, CA
VERY hot, dry summers and dry, 
mild winters.
Books & websites tell me I'm in 
Zone 8, but they lie!

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