TOW February 2003

Mary Sue Ittner
Mon, 27 Jan 2003 11:53:15 PST
Dear All,

I'd like to announce the topics we will discuss in February along with the 
people who will be providing the introductions for them and moderating the 
discussion that week as they are able.
We have a very international group of presenters in the month ahead and 
some very interesting topics.

1st Week--Top Crocus species for the Garden, introduced by Tony Goode
2nd Week--Roscoea, introduced by Rob Hamilton and Lyn Edwards
3rd Week--Hesperantha, a Very Confusing Genera (note from MS with an 
emphasis on Schizostylis) introduced by Alan Kennedy
4th Week--'British native (and naturalised) bulbs and their allies' 
introduced by Robin Attrill

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