Den Wilson
Mon, 27 Jan 2003 12:26:28 PST
Hello all,
I have to agree with Diana and Jim regarding Lycoris in pots. It seems =
to me that Lycoris can be flowered successfully in pots and the key is =
moisture. Jim is always emphasizing the importance of moist soils and =
he's right. The problem with potted bulbs is that they are very  prone =
to drying out at the roots, particularly if the root-tips are growing in =
the coarse drainage material deep in the pot (and they usually are). =
Lycoris definately resent this. Those that have flowered successfully =
for me have been in deep pots stood on a bench of damp sand which is =
always moist. The roots love creeping out through the drainage-hole and =
wandering around in the damp sand - masses of them. I keep them under =
glass in summer where they get hot but never dry - even when dormant. I =
try not to re-pot them unless it is absolutely necessary but they seem =
to come to no harm if the roots are not allowed to wither. Not every =
Lycoris I have has flowered it's true - but some now flower regularly =
and the rest are doing much better since I got fed up with Jim going on =
at me about moisture and decided to follow his advice.

Congratulations to those responsible for the wiki (whatever that is). I =
can confirm it even works for simpletons.


Den Wilson
Isle of Wight

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