Wed, 23 Jul 2003 15:27:21 PDT
Dear All,

As my greenhouse gradually becomes impenetrable with the giant umbrella leaves 
of some Amorphophallus leaves, I need your help!

I grow three different species, at least according to the people I got them 
from. One is A.konjac, that is sure because it is of flowering size and has 
flowered many times. The other two have not flowered and are A. johnsonii from 
Mr Thomerson and A.suaveolens from Fausto Ceni this one being relatively small.
Now: All the leaves of these ever increasing giants look absolutely identical 
and it starts to dawn on me that the two others are A. konjac, too. In that 
case, of course, they would fall victim, no, not to the compost heap but to one 
of the BXes.
Can anybody help me in identifying them without flowers? Are the leaves of the 
above species  identical to A.konjac? Do these species exist after all? Are 
there differences in the way the leaflets are attached to the main ribs? Stem 
colouring? size and number of leaflets in relation to plant size and so on?

Looking forward to get some urgent help...... should you not hear from me for 
some time, it's because I didn't find my way out of my greenhouse!


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