Alstroemeria TOW

Alberto Castillo
Thu, 03 Jul 2003 17:12:32 PDT
Dear all:
           Besides Flores & Watson (superb quality seeds, 100 % germination 
a rule) the Archibalds have a number of species in their catalog. Since 
Chile starts in the North with a hot desert and ends in the South with cold 
rainforests and Alstroemerias are found almost all over it, there are 
species for almost every situation. This is a real problem as one will tend 
to grow all under the same conditions. Along this, Flores & Watson's catalog 
has very detailed information on the habitat in which every Alstroemeria 
they sell seed of grows. Thus, you can select species for say San Diego and 
others for Portland.
           I have seen images of the Princess Series Alstroemerias and they 
are gorgeous. Paul has posted in the past images of them that were stunning. 
They are truly dwarf plant with big flowers.

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