Albuca altissima

Paul Tyerman
Tue, 08 Jul 2003 00:26:26 PDT
At 10:54  7/07/03 -0500, you wrote:
>Dear All;
>	The only Albuca I grow is A altissima. It does multiply by 
>bulb division and has been acceptable in pots in a frost free 
>	Any one else grow this one?


I do.  Grows happily here outside without any problem from our frosts (down
to -8'C).  It has flowered for me once in an 8 inch pot and reached about 6
foot tall, but I have heard reports that they grow up to 10ft tall in the
right conditions.

A picture of that one has been posted on the WIKI if anyone is interested.
As it happens I am about to send off some more seed to Dell for the BX and
one of the items will be Albuca altissima harvested from my plant when it
last flowered.  Some of it that I sowed a while back germinated VERY well
so it should be easy for others who are interested in it.


Paul Tyerman
Canberra, Australia.  USDA equivalent - Zone 8/9

Growing.... Galanthus, Erythroniums, Fritillarias, Cyclamen, Crocus,
Cyrtanthus, Oxalis, Liliums, Hellebores, Aroids, Irises plus just about
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