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Dear Alberto,

I agree, the recent key which I noted in outline is less than perfect for
plants in cultivation.  However, I doubt it will lead to endless confusion.
It is  a start for discussion of Ledebouria species and perhaps constructing
a key for species in cultivation.  It gives us a list of the species which
Venter considered valid for South Africa and a suggestion of their habit.
Not mentioned are the  species outside South Africa.


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> Dear Fred:
>               Many thanks for sending an update. However, the character of
> leaves erect, flat, etc. vary with cultivation and will lead to endless
> confusion. The person that knows more about Ledebourias is Julian Slade.
> can be of help. And if we follow this updated revision we need images of
> plants taken in the wild (something extremely difficult). What about
> Jessop's revision?
> Regards
> Alberto
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