Lilium pitkinense

Mary Sue Ittner
Tue, 01 Jul 2003 08:16:16 PDT
Dear Diana,

I got my plant from CalFlora Nursery and it looks healthy. I also have L. 
pardalinum ssp. giganteum from you in a giant pot and it is blooming now 
too. Jane told me I should put it in the ground but I'm afraid it wouldn't 
get enough water there as my soil is very dry in summer and it is unlikely 
I can provide a marsh as it will only encourage my Redwoods. Can you tell 
us how you propagate it vegetatively? My regular Lilium pardalinum produces 
numerous offsets so that soon you have a whole pot full. I still have just 
the one of the L. p. giganteum and the L. pitkinense isn't increasing 
either. If in the ground would that change? I've looked over the notes from 
Diane Whitehead and have done scale propagation, but this isn't what you 
are talking about obviously.

Mary Sue

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