TOW Albuca
Tue, 08 Jul 2003 15:36:10 PDT
Dear All,

I agree that Albuca is an underrated genus that needs more widespread 
However I find it difficult to accomodate those large pots of wintergrowing 
Albucas full of floppy leaves in the greenhouse and I also find it inconvenient 
to have them in flower in spring when the greenhouse is bursting with young 
plants and many flowers anyway. How many summer flowering species (or 
hybrids???) are there that are suitable for pot culture or temporary 
cultivation in the open soil in the garden? Could they be dug up and stored 
dormant in winter?
Does anybody have experience with Albuca bulbs cultivated like let's say a 
If pot  grown plants would be winter dormant their size would not matter, on 
the contrary I would appreciate large tubs with many scapes preferably scented 
and of a good size to be good focal plants. In my climate I would not expect 
Albucas to be reliably hardy so greenhouse or pot culture is necessary.
Does anybody know of sources for summergrowing Albucas or is anybody willing to 
swap or sell them?
At present the number of Albucas I grow is limited to 3: A. aurea, not really 
yellow but rather green, not scented and I will probably stop growing this. A 
single bulb of A angolensis with long channelled leaves clad in long soft hairs 
(I would love more bulbs of this species) and a large bulb from South Africa 
with upright facing flowers in a greenish yellow and with a wonderful scent, 
but it had an almost two year long dormany, only just showing some green leaf 

Greetings form Germany, Uli

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