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Cynthia Mueller
Thu, 17 Jul 2003 05:05:29 PDT
Dear Mary Sue,

It was wonderful to view your species Gladiolus on the wiki!  I hope there will soon be more.

Perhaps a member could tell me what garden gladiolus is sold in California as a heirloom plant - a clear, bright orange self with a simple 'daleni' type shape, hooded on top?  Some Texas friends of mine brought back a plant but want to hang on to every cormel...I must have my own.  And where could I possibly buy some?

Cynthia Mueller
College Station, TX
Zone 8b
>>> 07/17/03 12:10AM >>>
Dear All,

For several weeks I have been working on upgrading the Southern African 
Gladiolus wiki page and invite you all to look at some of the pictures I 
have added. They are scans of slides I took when we visited South Africa in 
August and September of 2001 and digital pictures from flowers blooming in 
our garden (fall, winter, spring, into summer.) There really is a very long 
range and I noticed that there is one spiking now in my redone raised bed. 
I was a little alarmed since we've had no rain since May and I was sure 
this one must be confused, but when I looked at the tag it was for 
Gladiolus monticola which is a Table Mountain species that blooms January 
to March in South Africa so it is the correct time. It's the first time to 
bloom from seed for it and it looks a bit strange coming up on spikes with 
no leaves and most everything else in that bed gone or brown. It looks very 
erect. Hopefully we'll have pictures of it to add later.

I confess that we held up some of these flowers so you could see them. Many 
of them are hooded so there are shadows if you shoot straight on. The 
digital camera pictures are better than my slides. I especially like the 
picture Bob took of Gladiolus pappei. Hopefully some day some of the ones I 
am growing from seed will bloom and I can replace some of these pictures 
with better ones.… 

Mary Sue
Mary Sue Ittner
California's North Coast
Wet mild winters with occasional frost
Dry mild summers

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