Mark Smyth
Tue, 29 Jul 2003 12:19:51 PDT
hi all

I was introduced to this group by a fellow member. Some of you will 'know' me already

I live in Antrim - 15 miles NW of Belfast - Northern Ireland where we are zone 8 wamed by the Gulf Stream during the winter. I grow mainly Galanthus and Narcissus but also have a few Cyrtanthus, Haemanthus, Pelargoniums, Ranunculus ficaria and an assortment of spring bulbs. 

I give talks on many subjects using some of the 1000s of 35mm slides that I have. I'll be online next month talking about my garden. I'll keep you posted.

And to keep me amused in the summer months I'm a bat worker - someone who advises house holders on how to cope with bats living in and around the home. While wearing this cap I give TV and radio interviews, bat talks and night walks and have been filmed for various programs.

Mark - needs updated badly!

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