Topics for July

Mary Sue Ittner
Sat, 19 Jul 2003 10:08:14 PDT
Dear All,

I was looking to see what the topic was for next week and realize I never 
announced what was coming for July. I had saved the message but not sent 
it. So our introducer for next week may have forgotten he's on. I'll 
contact him privately. Sorry.

Mary Sue

Here are the topics of the week I have scheduled for July. At least one of 
them may be a stretch for a group focusing on bulbs, but I think it will be 
of interest to a lot of people and since I have someone willing to 
introduce it, I have scheduled it.

Week starting July 6 or 7--Albuca--Julian Slade
Week starting July 13 or 14--Dahlia species--Johannes-Ulrich Urban
Week starting July 20 or 21--Woody Irids--Martin Grantham
Week starting July 27 or 28--Memory Bulbs (Bulbs you have acquired that 
have special meaning to you because of the person who gave them to you or 
some memory associated with them)

Any one of you who has joined our list since I collected suggestions for 
topics is welcome to send me your ideas (privately) for future topics. I am 
going through suggestions that others made and will be glad to have yours 
to add to my list. And I'll accept other suggestions from people who have 
sent me ones previously too.

Mary Sue
TOW Coordinator 

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