TOW Dahlia species
Thu, 17 Jul 2003 15:06:34 PDT
Dear All,

Having read all the contributions on Dahlia species I wonder whether none of 
you grows any other species than the tree Dahlias and perhaps one or two other 
smaller ones.

The List of species Alberto Castillo sent is very impressive but are any of 
thes unknown (to me at least) plants in cultivation? Are they suitable and 
worth cultivating? Are there any botanical collections of Dahlia species 

I find Lauw's point very interesting concering the flowering time of Dahlia 
imperialis. To me it definetely looks like an extreme short day bloomer. At 
least I think the formation of flower buds is induced by short days, once the 
plant has been triggered into flowering it may well flower into the longer days 
of spring. That is what I have always heard of all the people who grow this 
plant in Europe. My own plants never flowered because they alwayswere cut down 
by frost around mid October and they might have been too small anyway.

But what Alberto writes sounds different indeed. Perhaps this is the strain 
that is day length neutral. In all short day bloomers there is always the odd 
day lengh neutral plant and this being more floriferous in gardens it may well 
have been selected and cultivated. Are there any Photos to be seen online to 
see and perhaps compare these plants?

Bye for now, Uli

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