Archives and Passwords

Mary Sue Ittner
Thu, 31 Jul 2003 20:36:17 PDT
Dear All,

John asked about the archives several days ago and I replied privately to 
him thinking I had sent the message to everyone. When I removed the message 
that I was asked to remove from the archives it created a problem in the 
archives. This kind of thing is not uncommon when you are the first to try 
out new extensions to software. I had noticed the problem before John 
mentioned it and had already written ibiblio support. Our messages were not 
archived for quite a few days and any message that had any problem with it 
ended up in the latest archives regardless of when it was written. Our 
messages are now being archived again and I are working with support to 
find a way to get the others included as well. I don't know yet whether we 
will be able to fix the messages with mistakes. If not they will be 
deleted. Once again I am appreciated that our list is being sponsored by a 
group that will work with you when there are problems. It may be a few days 
before you will see the difference when you check the July 2003 archives.

Another reminder is that everyone should get their password tomorrow. 
Please make a note of it or immediately use it to create a password that 
you can remember.

Mary Sue
PBS List Adminstrator

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