John Ingram
Tue, 29 Jul 2003 09:29:11 PDT
Mike Kartuz and Mauro are about the only ones that I
know of that grow them. 
With my new shipment of seeds, there are 7 vellozias
listed. I hope others will try them so that we all
will have a better understanding of them.
Mine that I bought with you died. It was all dry and I
threw it away. Little did I know, they can come back
from this.
I purchased another one last year. It was in really
crappy clay soil. So, I repotted it and even broke off
a side shoot with several growths. It is doing just
fine. I did not water as much as I should have last
week (or so). When I got to the garden, it was crisp. 
I also have several Vellozia (Talbotia) elegans in 1
gal. containers in a shadier area. One of these was
also crisp. The leaves on the elegans dried up, curled
together and turned a lovely shade of purple. I
watered it really well. 4 days later, it is now all
plumped back up and growing again. I even noticed a
flower stem on it. The elegans is not really a show
stopper. I would call it more of a green filler. I did
get a picture of this one last year at Wave Hill, NY.
They had several hanging baskets of it in full bloom. 
Back to the purple one. It plumped back up as well and
is doing just fine. 

John Ingram in hot and steamy L.A., CA. 
Everything is blooming now. Crinums, Sinningias, Canna, Brugmansias, Hymenocallis, Habranthus, Zephyranthes, Cypellas, and so much more.

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