Winter images

Robert Hamilton
Fri, 18 Jul 2003 05:42:44 PDT
Hi  all,

Its  mid  winter  here in Tasmania  but there  are  still  some  gems  
in  flower  in the  open garden.

I  have  added a couple of  Juno  iris  to the  wiki. The Iris  
planifolia  is  flowering in its 4  season  from  seed  and  the  image 
  of  Iris  stenophylla  Allisonii captures  the  gloss  which  to  me 
makes  Juno's so  desirable.……

Narcissus  romieuxii Julia  Jane  is a  bright  little  hoop  petticoat.…

I  have  created a  page  for  Leucojum  , the  snowflakes and added  
images  of Leucojum aestivum ( the  summer  snowflake  flowering in 
winter) and Leucojum tingitanum.………


Rob  in Tasmania

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