tree dahlias

Paul Tyerman
Mon, 14 Jul 2003 06:10:29 PDT
>Does anybody know if there has been done some selection or breeding to
>a day-length-neutral, i.e. earlier flowering plant of the same stature?
Uli et al,

There has been some breeding here in Australia I have been told between the
taller imperialis and the "normal" dahlias.  These have resulted in at
least soem hybrids that are ranging between the 2 and 3 metre mark with
single or full double flowers in a range of colours.  I am going to try to
track some of these down to try and beg for some cuttings <grin>.  In
particular I know of a full double ball-type apricot hybrid that grows to
around the 2.5m mark.... I WANT!!

So the hybrids can obviously be made at least.


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