Memory Bulbs--TOW

diana chapman
Sun, 27 Jul 2003 13:24:01 PDT
Dear All:

Mary Sue beat me to the punch when she nominated Oxalis as her number one
memory bulb.  I too can never look at my Oxalis in bloom without thinking of
Michael Vassar.

Many of my "memory bulbs" do not remind me of people, however, but of
wonderful places and trips.  I will never forget the first time I saw the
pink form of Brodiaea californica blooming in the dry grasses near Chico (in
the foothills of the Sierra Nevada in California).  There were several acres
of these outstanding bulbs with huge glistening umbels of true pink held
above the pale dry grasses.  Another wonderful memory that is always stirred
when Dicholestemma volubile is in bloom is hiking through a burned area in
the same region one year and seeing the charred skeletons of manzanita
looking as if they were covered with pink roses.  On closer inspection they
proved to be the umbels of D. volubile which had twined themselves up the
blackened trunks.  No camera, unfortunately.  My first sighting of the
beautiful Lilium kelloggii was of a five acre stand covering a whole
hillside in glorious bloom - the scent was heavenly!  This stand only exists
in my memory now, since Pacific Gas & Electric sprayed the entire hillside
with herbicides, destroying every plant.


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