Mary Sue Ittner msittner@mcn.org
Tue, 08 Jul 2003 07:21:54 PDT
Dear Katy,

I am sorry that my answer to you wasn't clear. It is hard to know what 
experience a new member has. If we assume that this is an Oxalis from South 
Africa as Jane suggests and one that is winter growing and dormant in 
summer, you will need to grow it in a container to protect it from the 
cold. You can pot it now, but wait to water it or repot it in August. Use a 
well drained mix that has a lot of coarse sand or pumice or perlite in it. 
Plant a couple inches deep. Start watering in late August. When it gets 
cold in Vermont, bring it inside and grow it in your brightest spot. You 
may need to put it under lights so it won't get to leggy. On days that the 
temperature is above freezing and there is good sunshine put it outside. 
But be sure you bring it inside if it is going to be really cold. Once it 
starts into growth make sure it gets adequate water, but not too much. 
South Africa Oxalis from winter rainfall areas go dormant early if they dry 
out. Many of them expand dramatically and need to be repotted regularly. 
Good luck. It sounds like the others you grow may be evergreen, but most of 
the ones I grow have a dormancy.

Mary Sue

>so here i am with this little acorn-shaped corm-y thing.  will it 
>grow?  if so how?

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