Mary Sue Ittner
Mon, 07 Jul 2003 08:30:14 PDT
Dear All,

I have started a wiki page with information from Julian's introduction and 
have added a few pictures. Paul Tyerman shared some of his and we had a 
couple. Hopefully some of the rest of you will have some to add as well.…

When we were in South Africa we saw what we thought of as Albuca a lot 
although some of them could have been Ornithogalum. Since it wasn't 
something I grew much of and they weren't always in our field guides I 
didn't attempt to figure them out. But they seemed to be widespread in the 
Cape. The most interesting habitat we saw was in Clanwilliam where we saw 
them growing (and blooming) in the gutters on a roof (obviously not needing 

I have one surviving Albuca nelsonii I planted in the ground where it gets 
a lot of water in winter and not as much in summer. We water it, but I 
suspect the redwood roots suck up the water we add. It has only bloomed 
once for me and unfortunately I didn't get a picture of it them. I remember 
people writing very positively about it on the old IBS list a number of 
years ago. Since it is a summer rainfall species it probably doesn't like 
my Mediterranean climate.

I have found that Albuca grown from seed doesn't always go dormant that 
first year and have been unsure what to do with it. Should you continue to 
water it or force a dormancy? One I kept going when it did finally go 
dormant, stayed dormant although the bulbs are still alive. Sometimes the 
same thing happens for Ornithogalum so any advice on this would be 
appreciated. When I received a lot of Albuca seeds from a BX I tried 
floating some and they did germinate that way, but I ended up with more 
survivors sowing in my usual way.

Are people who are fans of Galanthus also fans of Albuca? Many of them look 
alike. One wonders what relationship dna will show them to have.

Finally I scanned in these pictures from my slides of our trip to South 
Africa and before I put them on a wiki page wonder if anyone could help me 
confirm identification of them? If they are in doubt I may just take them 
off later.

This picture was taken at Springbok in Namaqualand on a wet day and there 
weren't flowers, but I am wondering it the leaves could have belonged to 
Albuca spiralis. Hope I didn't make this too long so it won't wrap? I 
didn't want to title it as the sure thing.…

This one was taken between Citrusel and Clanwilliam and isn't in the field 
guide for the area, but maybe is just A. flaccida?…

These last two are of the same plant and I originally thought it was an 
Albuca, but now I am wondering if it could have been an Ornithogalum? Found 
near the West Coast blooming September 2001.……

Thanks for any help.

Mary Sue

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