Sat, 19 Jul 2003 19:12:03 PDT
ALBERTO and all:  My apologies  (is my face RED!)  I see what Mary Sue meant
when she told me about something that I had said to Dell .  I have been POSITIVE
that my correspondence was private/direct to him.  Upon checking I realize that I
clicked  the REPLY bar - which means that Everyone received my message.  RED!
my face is probably PURPLE with embarrassment).  The only reason I am going
public with this is that it may explain all the BX orders to Dell which occasionally
pop-up on the PBS message line.  I'm using the REPLY on this missive to explain
the situation.  Shall endeavor to be more careful in future.

One good thing has come up out of this mess.  When I said Streptanthera  I was
mistaken.  I meant to say  PLECTRANTHUS.  ( I don't know what just happened -
the typeface has suddenly changed.  Must have hit the wrong key.  Will check
later).  My middle name must be Muddle as I always must make sure that I mean
confuse something-ANTHUS with something-PHYLLUM.  Anyway - PLECTRANTHUS.
"CAPE ANGELS"  (and I know it is not a geophyte ) But it is extraordinary.  I have
read about this genus in the past and this is the first time I've seen it or even
heard about it being offered!  The label reads as follows:

"Cape Angels originate from South Africa.  Interbreeding of the wild Plectranthus
has resulted in premium potted plants with many different colours.  Cape Angels
may be placed both indoor and outdoor.  Do not stand frost.  Water regularly and
add fertilizer once a week.  Unauthorized propagation is prohibited."

My plant has 4-inch obovate crenate leaves - sorta like holly (without the prickles),
incredibly stiff - they appear to have been varnished a dark lustrous green . They
appear to be artificial and feel like they are made of some plastic material. The
undersides are light fern-green with raised purple veins.  The flowers are like tiny
orchids pressed together from the sides - white flushed violet with prominent
dark violet round spots.  The inflorescence is also peculiar - (am not positive about
these botanical terms , but here goes....)  A panicle (?) or branched raceme with
perhaps 50 tiny orchids and SECUND (?) that is the tiny flowers all face in the same
direction.  I better stop now, as I am definitely not sure of my ability to correctly
describe this plant.  But what a kick, hey?

I'd better close as  euphoria tends to make me blither.  My apologies for my bloopers.

STAY WELL, ALL !       ROBERT   PBS  10038

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Subject: [pbs] Streptanthera

Hi Robert:
              It is an old name for Sparaxis species like elegans or  
pillansii. No one is using this name for decades.
Warm regards

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