BX 33 - Narcissus 'Autumn Colors' Strain

Paul Tyerman ptyerman@ozemail.com.au
Sat, 19 Jul 2003 02:54:12 PDT
>1. Seed of Narcissus tazetta  ³Autumn Colors² strain:
>Being seed grown, there is tremendous variation among them in many respects,
>such as: Time of bloom (September-March), a few will even flower within 2-3
>weeks of first irrigation in the autumn! Color--ranges from white through

Bill, Dell, Anyone?....

Is this seed collection of this strain of Narcissus tazetta the same as was
a few years ago?  Or is it now more developed/extensive?  I ask because I
received some by this name from the old BX a few years ago (not flowering
for me yet... I think they're around 3 years old?) and I am wondering
whether these will be any different to those.  I find it rather fascinating
and am waiting to see what the flowers look like (I think I could still be
waiting a while for the majority of them, but there are a couple I have
hopes for next season <fingers crossed>), but if these are likely to
include different varieties I will get soem more of them.

I have deliberately sent this to the list rather than just to Dell as I
thought that Bill or someone else who knows the answer may read it.

Thanks in anticipation.


Paul Tyerman
Canberra, Australia.  USDA equivalent - Zone 8/9

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