Memory plants

Mon, 28 Jul 2003 13:07:03 PDT
I have been a lurker and have not contributed much to this wonderful list because I feel I have a lot to learn; but I could not resist this topic.  The years roll away as I remember  Dr.John Wurdack,  a herbarium curator at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington,D.C.

John liked to seek out and collect plants native to the southeast...and willing shared seeds and seedlings with any one interested.  He kindly gave me bulbs of Zephyranthes tubispathus v. texensis and one he called Z. Jacala ( close to red in color) which he said was rare and difficult.  I  lost the tubispathus when I moved to Arizona but Z. Jacala loved it in Tucson.  My collection has grown since then and I have brought them with me to Florida.  Unfortunately, Z. Jacala is having difficult time adjusting.  I am hopeful it will settle down.  Zephyranthes seem to do quite well in our heat and humidity.

Lynn Makela
Sun City Center, FL

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