Lilium martagon from seed

Paul Tyerman
Thu, 24 Jul 2003 05:17:15 PDT
At 11:02  22/07/03 +1000, you wrote:
>I live in Southern Australia and have ordered some seeds of Lilium
Martagon.  Can anyone offer any advice on growing them from seed?  English
magazines say they self seed readily - I know they take several years to
flower - but I wonder if they will self seed in our climate.


Where actually are you in Southern Australia?  I live in Canberra and L.
martagon definitely sets seeds itself here without any help or care from me
<grin>. Do you already grow L. martagon?  If not drop me a line privately
and I'll see if I can unearth you one to start you off.  It may not be
flowering size, but it's a darn sight quicker than waiting for the seed.
Then yours seeds when they flower will also be a different genetic source
to mine as well, thereby adding the genes from my bulb to the ones from
your seeds.

I'm not sure you'll get them to germiante this season, but I have a vague
feeling that L. martagon may take 2 years to come above ground?  Certainly
mine that were sown in autumn last year did not surface at all during last
season so I am expecting them to show up this year.

Also, depending where you got your L. martagon seed from they are VERY
variable.  I grow both the straight species (at least that is what I think
it is) and 'Alba' but I have seed down of something called 'Paisley
Hybrids' which I have seen pictures of as very variable in colour.  Some of
the pictures I have seen elsewhere on the Net are extremely different in
colours and shadings.  I am very much looking forward to finding sources of
some of these other colours (be they seed or bulbs) myself as I would love
to grow more of them.  I just lvoe the "turks cap" styles of Lilium.


Paul Tyerman
Canberra, Australia.  USDA equivalent - Zone 8/9

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