Katherine Lesser katylesser@hotmail.com
Sun, 06 Jul 2003 17:17:27 PDT
thank you so much for getting back to  me!  i am really amazed at the 
response i've gotten from that one little email.  nice to know there are 
kindred oxalis spirits out there.

so here i am with this little acorn-shaped corm-y thing.  will it grow?  if 
so how?  i am usually able to grow anything, and have extensive gardens and 
many house plants.  my oxalis are strictly indoor plants, since i am in 
northern vermont where winters are harsh.  right now, all the oxalis are 
outside, adoring the summer weather, but come fall, they will retreat to the 
window sills.

i am sort of sentimental about the plants i smuggle back into the u.s., and 
so even if that greek oxalis is just a weed (and it must be, because it was 
everywhere on that island i went to) i want to get it going.

thanks, katy in vermont

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