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Dear Jim and anyone else interested in Ledebouria,

Can you post pictures of your Ledebouria species or forms?  I'm sure you'll
get an opinion at least.

The closest thing to a current key to the species in South Africa is:
Andrew Hankey, "Vegetative key to the Genus Ledebouria (Hyacinthaceae) in
South Africa. in Plant Life (South Africa) 27:16-19. Oct. 2002.  It includes
the species which are still unpublished from  S. Venter's Master of  Science
thesis revision of 1993.

Briefly, Hankey divides the species into three groups: eight species with
upright leaves, seven species with leaves lying flush with the soil, and 26
species with leaves variously spreading in other than the manner of the
first two.  One species Ledebouria sandersonii occurs in all three groups.
And L. cooperi and L. dolomiticola occur in group 1 and 3.  There are
further keys to species level, but no descriptions of the 36 species.  Bare

The older revision of the genus was by J. P. Jessop in 1970 in the Journal
of South African Botany.  Do you have access to this one?  Before this are
Baker's various publications on Scilla species, mostly in Saunders Refugium

I've been collecting bits of information on the genus to learn what was
related to L. socialis and what other species it contacts in the wild.
Since L. socialis is so variable I would like to learn about its native
range and habitats and perhaps where some of the clones such as 'Minor' or
'Zebra' were collected or developed.

Species of Ledebouria in South Africa as noted by Andrew Hankey above.

Section A.  Species with erect leaves.
L. viscosa
L dolomiticola
L. atrobrunnea
L. leptophylla
L. marginata
L. confusa
L. cooperi
L. sandersonii

Section B.  Species with leaves flush with the soil surface.
L. ovatifolia
L  ovalifolia
L. parvifolia
L. galpinii
L. coriacea
L. monophylla
L. sandersonii

Section C.  Leaves variously spreading but not like those in A or B
L. hypoxidioides
L. rupestris
L. petiolata
L. papillata
L. glauca
L. socialis
L. dolomiticola
L. crispa
L. minima
L. concolor
L. lepida
L. undulata
L. cooperi
L. sandersonii
L. asperifolia
L. inquinata
L. cremnophylla
L. luteola
L. agavoides
L. macowanii
L. floribunda
L. zebrina
L. revoluta
L. ensifolia
L. apertiflora

That should give us a good start for discussion.


Tuolumne, CA

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> Dear Fred, Digby et al;
> I would love to get a discussion on this genus and a good key
> or hints on identifying anything beyond violacea/socialis. I have
> three distinct species? forms? or? Anyone have a clue on IDs.
> Jim W.
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