Mystery Bulbs and Mystery Photographers

Mary Sue Ittner
Thu, 12 Jun 2003 22:33:49 PDT
Dear All,

Our Mystery wiki page is getting very crowded. Would everyone take a look 
at it and see if there are any of these pictures that we can identify so we 
can move them to the correct wiki page.
We have on this page the following:
Arisaema, Crinum, Hippeastrum, Lycoris, Oxalis, Scilla, Zephyranthes. I 
removed Arnold's rain lily since it was identified and put it on the 
Zephyranthes page and added a few images that others asked for help with 
that never made it to the Mystery page but I don't think were identified 

Kelly Irvin provided so many clues for his rain lily but there have been no 
suggestions. Could it just be a hybrid?…

I have a few images that I can't find an email about and aren't on a wiki 
page. You all helped me out last time and Arnold's images even generated a 
little discussion. I am going to list the ones I couldn't figure out below 
and if they are not claimed in a week or so I am going to delete them since 
I don't know who they belong to:……………

Thanks in advance for helping.

Mary Sue

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