Brodiaea vs. Triteleia

Mary Sue Ittner
Wed, 18 Jun 2003 10:27:31 PDT
Dear All,

You still see this plant listed in catalogs as Brodiaea laxa 'K├Ânigin 
Fabiola' ('Queen Fabiola'). I suppose that is why it continues to be called 
that although goodness knows catalogs are not always the best sources for 
names. It is a Triteleia not a Brodiaea. It has six stamens. (The quick and 
easy way to tell them apart.)

Likewise Brodiaea howellii is also a Triteleia. Triteleia grandiflora ssp. 
howellii. I have started some from Ron Ratko seed and am sorry to hear it 
seldom blooms. Mine is yet too small.

I had a good experience this year with Triteleia hendersonii which is such 
a beautiful Triteleia but a sparse bloomer. It rained later and I tried 
deeper pots. I don't know which it was, but was grateful.

Thanks for the correction on the range for Brodiaea coronaria. I'll change 
that on the wiki and in my notes.

About the time I finally am able to get everyone educated about Brodiaea, 
Dichelostemma, and Triteleia the taxonomists will probably change them and 
either give them a new name or switch the Brodiaeas to Triteleias and the 
Triteleias to Brodiaeas. The distinction now has to do with visual 
characteristics and the dna could very well change that alas.

Mary Sue

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