Additions to the Wiki

Mary Sue Ittner
Mon, 30 Jun 2003 20:43:17 PDT
Dear All,

Last night we took another picture of Chlorogalum which better illustrates 
how it looks when the flowers are open. It is still hard to photograph, but 
you get the idea.…

Today I also added text to the Lilium wiki page and pictures of Lilium 
columbianum which we saw along the road in large numbers on our trip last 
week (north of Eureka). These were much more orange than the one pictured 
already on the wiki. Also my Lilium pitkinense is blooming for the first 
time so added a picture of it. There is only one flower. This is a very 
rare lily known from only two spots in the wild. Most of its habitat is 
gone. I bought one at a native nursery several years ago and this is the 
first bloom.…

Mary Sue

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