Addendum to Pacific BX 30
Sun, 22 Jun 2003 08:04:03 PDT
Hi Dell,

If you still have some of these left, I'll take them - I love Moraeas!  I'll 
take up to 20 if you have that many...

Foolish as I am preparing to move, but Moraeas are my favorite.

> Dear All,
>     I forgot to mention that there are a lot of the mixed Moraea corms from
> Mary Sue. They are available in lots of 5 for a $2.00 donation to cover
> postage and handling. Order as many lots as you like.
> ">From Mary Sue Ittner:
> Bulbs:
> 1. Moraea sp. These could be M. aristata, M. tripetala, or M. bellendenii.
> They all were in a bed that I am redoing and I can't tell which is which.
> Winter growers from South Africa, lots"
> Best regards,
> Dell
> --Dell Sherk, Director, Pacific BX
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