Allium triquetum

Janet Galpin and Oliver Patterson
Sun, 29 Jun 2003 06:20:42 PDT
The message <p05200f35bb248ceab812@[]>
from James Waddick <> contains these words:

> >Dear All;

> >	As Mr Parker wrote:
> >	It is written in the stars..............ONE MAN'S TRASH IS 
> >ANOTHER MAN'S TREASURE ! ! !...Allium triquetrum... pure milk-white 
> >and the fresh green foliage

> 	Does anyone grow this species in the ground in a cold 
> climate? I know it has a weedy reputation, but after seeing it 
> blooming lushly on the Oregon Coast last spring, I finally placed an 
> order for this fall.

> 	After checking a few references, it is given as hardy to 
> Zones 9/10 and suited to humusy shade. I tend to doubt all this.

> 	So please Robert and others give us more experience with this 
> charming weed. Is it hopeless here in Zone 5?

> 	Not too late to cancel my order.	Thanks	Jim W.
> -- 

I would agree with damp shade suiting it well, humusy or not humusy I
would suspect, as it's not too fussy. I can't really help with
hardiness. I grow it in what is very roughly the English equivalent of
Zone 8 but that won't be of much help.

Janet Galpin, Lincolnshire, UK, Av min temp -8

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